Masters of Ham, homemade traditional way, celiac disease, catering. Los Extremeños is synonymous with quality and service.

In Los Extremeños we are Ham Masters

In Los Extremeños we work together with a craft business of Extremadura. From the nutrition on rangelands to drying and curing, we do an exclusive and personalized follow up. Several times a year, we move to Extremadura vine track, and reserve the best parts for our customers. This reserve, we make it piece by piece, following the strictest protocol, to ensure the quality of our hams. For this reason our reputation precedes us

With Los Extremeños quality is guaranteed.


In Los Extremeños we are well aware that quality is synonymous of health and wellness, reason why, in our new facility, we produce and most of the products you can find in our stores. From cured meats to fresh elaborated products, we elaborate traditional way. With guarantee and quality of Los Extremeños.


Take it, we take it or we serve it. Think of us each time you celebrate an occasion, we are at your service for your special occasions, from comprehensive services for all kinds of events, and for those days you want to rest and others cook for you. Find out about our catering service. With the guarantee and quality of Los Extremeños


We produce a wide range of products for celiac, from cured to dips, Pizzas, ready meals, burgers, marinated, Niuets, Sausage Fillers, Sausages. All our elaborate comply with the most stringent health regulations. We elaborate with our maximum care and craft.

In Los Extremeños you‘ll find a huge variety of selected products based on their quality. Masters of cured Hamhers.


Our Products

“When choosing a product I always think of 3 things: the quality of the product, if I would eat it, if I would buy it”

Mª José Sánchez

Los Extremeños

Los Extremeños is the dream come true of Mª José Sánchez. She wanted the best shop in Spain.

Its history began in the Maresme, but the quality of its products, its shops and service have achieved fame crossing beyond borders. Today it’s a referenced charcuterie in Spain. In 2009 we were awarded by the Ministry of Interior with the second National Award for small businesses,

in addition to the public recognition of its customers and famous international stature

  • Self elaborated products

    In Los Extremeños are well aware that quality is synonymous to health and wellness, which is why, in our new facility, we produce and we produce most of the products you can find in our stores. From cured meats to fresh elaborates. With the guarantee of Los Extremeños.

  • Workshop

    In November 2014, we opened our new central headquarters. In it, we comply with the most strickt laws in Healthcare. Our team prepares daily all our products, following the guidelines set by the company. It resides in our workshop where the quality and the guarantee of Los Extremadura.

  • Home Delivery

    Los Extremeños, offers local delivery service for all those fresh products, and nationally and internationally for all cured products. Find out in our stores, or by contacting us using the web form.

Los Extremeños is a family business made from hard work, it’s a dream come true. This is so that we have been awarded as the second best shop in Spain by the Ministry of Interior, among other awards.

Quality, Home Prepared and service are basic in Los Extremeños, as much that our reputation has transcended cooks, celebrities and artists as Carme Ruscalleda, Rafael Amargo, Sergio Dalma, …. even across borders.

In Los Extremeños we work with the same enthusiasm as the first day.That is why we are convinced that QUALITY AND SERVICE DISTINGUISHES US

Maria José Sánchez

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