Los Extremeños, health and quality guarantee

All our meats are 1st quality. Our VEAL come from farmers in the province of Girona. Our Staff  select piece by piece reserving the best pieces directly to the farmer. We always choose veal under 12 months of age, thus guaranteeing its tenderness and sweetness, female veal are more palatable and less harsh. Once calves have left the slaughterhouse, we handle despieze handling and thus ensure good.


In Extremeños you’ll find traditional 1st class poultry, personally selected from Camprodón.


Our pigs we bring them from les Garrigas province of Lleida. Like Beef and Chicken. Our farmers, allow us to control the entire food process. With this control, we can offer the quality and guarantee of Los Extremeños.


Suckling lambs bought from the farmer and chosen at a very specific weight and size to ensure their tenderness and flavor.


In our new workshop and with this excellent ingredients, we produce almost all products that you can find in our stores.