Cold Meats

Our cold meats are handmade. We have two lines of marketing: Catalan cold meats prepared by us and cured traditional meats.

Catalan cold meats made by us: Cured: Fuet, Sausage, Sobrassada, Thin Secallona, pepper beef, Bayonne, chorizo, Cured Specialties: Iberian Fuet, Iberian Sausage, Roquefort Fuet, Boar Chorizo, Iberian pepper Beef, ………

Extremeños cold meats. Los Extremeños brings you the best selection of cured meats of Extremadura. Carefully chosen from small artisanal producers, we guarantee a high quality product at reasonable prices.
In cold meat industry we call cold meat to a piece, usually to minced meat seasoned with herbs and different spices (paprika, pepper, garlic, rosemary, thyme, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, etc.) that is introduced (“embedded” ) into the porks belly. Natural pork’s belly is the real creator of great tasting of natural cold meat for his great qualities in the drying process. Its the way we drythe meat that makes it easy maintainable over relatively long periods of time. The cold meats are often sold in butcher shops and delicatessens more specifically.
The preparation of cold meats, generally involves two distinct phases:
1.Picado and Embuchado (mince and stuff). For handmade or homemade these products we specifically use an specific machine, responsible for making minced meat using a knife mince meat cutter and in a second step stuffs the meat into the porks belly.
2.Curation. This phase is very important when you have adequate storage capacity for the final product, watching color stability and eventual formation of aroma. Depending on the type of sausage curing is done in different ways.