Foies y Patés


We have a selection of the best foie gras and pate worldwide. A good pate is able to brighten any table.

In our stores, you will find the best pates and foie of the best and most recognized brands. At the same time, we make our own pates. From French foie to pepper pate you will find a wide range of pates in our selection. It is called pate (French pâté) to a spreadable paste usually made from ground beef or liver and fat, adding vegetables, herbs, spices and wine still prevalent. In French and Belgian cuisine pate is usually cooked in a terrine (or other template), denominating then pâté in terrine. Traditionally, a cooked and served in this latest farce is also called terrine. Can be cooked wrapped in a crust made from bread dough or as a cake, in which case it is called in croûte pâté. The pies are made with ingredients or chopped into small pieces, but typically consume sliced and few spreads. There pies of all kinds of beef, poultry, rabbit and game, as well as fish and vegetables. The foie gras is simply a fat goose foie gras, cooked and cut, so technically not a pate. Neither is the bloc of foie gras (‘foie gras block’). In the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Sweden and Austria, some liver pates are usually prepared in the form of tender and often spreadable sausage called leverworst (Dutch), májpástétom / májkrém (Hungarian) or leberwurst (German). A variant is the braunschweiger. Some of these products end up having a texture of meat that is difficult to spread, often eaten in chunks or redondelas, or as a filling for sandwiches. These variants have become a significant product in Eastern Europe, which is exported good. Elsewhere spreadable variants are preferred. In Scandinavia the leverpostej is a popular variant in French pâté terrine, usually made with lard and pork liver. In Russia and Ukraine the main dish is usually prepared with veal liver, goose or chicken, 1 although other meats are also used. Unlike the Western method, is prepared by cooking first liver (cooked or fried) and working it with butter or fat, seasoning with fresh or fried onions, carrots, spices and herbs. You can cook again (usually baked), but more often consume without further preparation. The pate served on bread, often with dill or other fresh herbs. In the former Yugoslavia the pašteta (very fine pate) is a popular spreadable for bread, usually made with chicken or, less frequently, with tuna or salmon. In Vietnam the pate is usually taken in bánh mì.2 The pate of this type is usually done with liver.